We specialize in New England area one of a kind decals.

These are laser sharp high quality water slide decals. We print them only when they are sold. So you always receive fresh clean decals.

These are  drafted using  American Railway Association blueprints or photos of actual rolling stock and locomotives. To produce the most accurate size and locations for our products.

New  undecorated kits available in the HO undecorated section.
we have hundreds of decal sets drafted and not listed.
E mail us for availability of unlisted sets.
Any decal set shown can be printed in another scale.
Shop Display Case
This filter will stop small pieces from clogging spray guns.
The paint chips from partially used bottles are no longer a problem.
Made of  brass with .0025" mesh size.
Edges are tined to make them extremely durable.
Easy clean up with your normal solvent used to clean paint from spray gun.
Also can be used to filter Poly Scale paint being poured back into bottle.
Being able to utilize 2 half full used bottles of paint will pay for filter!

Part # PCF  $9.95 each
No more having to stop a paint job in the middle to clean a gun that clogged!