Price List

Sory but due to  decal sets lost during shipping
  we are now forced to start charging flat 6.95 shipping and handling charge on decal sets.
Several sets will ship for the same flat $6.95 fee
Custom sets
*Drafting charge
Sets print ready artwork
1 color         
2 colors     
3 colors   
4 colors    
5 colors   
PayPal, visa, M/C and Discover gladly accepted as payment.
we have hundreds of decal sets drafted and not listed.
E mail us for availability of unlisted sets.
Any decal set shown can be printed in another scale.
Custom sets for your railroad are available
Send  print ready artwork drawn in vector graphics.
Adobe Illustrator is what we use. Each color must be drawn on separate layer with registrations.Or send a CLEAR picture of decals that you want drafted.
We can draft the art work at an additional cost
* Extra drafting charges apply for logos or other complex graphics.
labor estimates will be given on costs.
ALL decal prices are now.
N scale single car sets #600               $9.95
HO scale single car sets #500          $12.95
S scale single car sets                      $14.95
O scale single car sets                      $14.95
G scale single car sets #700            $20.95
HO scale #544 - 547                           $19.95
N scale single car sets #696 - 699   $14.95
Due to the HUGE increase of material costs.
All decal prices had to be increased .
It was increase the prices or quit printing decals.
As far as we know we are still the cheapest on small run custom sets !
$23.00 hr